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The first project is a study in pillows. Ruching is used to manipulate the familiar square pillow into something more sensual and jarring. Explored in multiplicities, this series plays with the repetition of ruched squares to create a balanced tension across the pillow volume. Ruching is often used in women’s ready-to-wear to control volume – to either help clothing fit closer to the body or away from it. In interiors, ruching has been more linked to opulent flourishes: on curtains, table skirts, chairs. This series aims to erase those connotations. The ruched stitches force the filling to occupy awkward pockets in the pillow, relying on both the strength of the reinforced stitching as well as the weave of the fabric to hold everything in place; otherwise, the pillow is subject to collapse from this tension.This state of controlled chaos, however, creates the allure. They are constantly held in tension to create slightly disconcerting yet gentle shapes.


Humble cotton duck and linen blend cottons are key fabrications for this series. Deadstock and upholstery fabric off-cuts are also utilized to for limited edition runs. All fabrics are currently sourced from American suppliers. Waste scraps are also collected to be eventually turned into repurposed shredded fibers.


Each pillow is hand-stuffed with a blend of CertiPUR-US shredded memory foam and hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill. The blend mimics a typical down fill without using any animal products. The pillows are sealed and hand-embroidered with the Sohn logo.

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